Black Hawk Hiking Club      


Memo 24 August, 2016
The Blackhawk Hiking Club of the QC is a membership driven club. Members are relied on to participate on hike committees as well as to participate as Directors and other Officers of the club as they are able. Currently, the Club is recruiting for two directors to fill out existing terms. In April, at the annual business meeting, we will need 3 more directors due to expiring terms. Please consider increasing your involvement by volunteering to fill the existing terms or to be a new Director in April. Duties of Directors are simply to identify hike leaders and help them form committees for the hikes they choose. Directors are responsible for submitting the write ups for the annual hiking book to the secretary.

Please think about it and if you have questions or would like more information, please contact Michelle Curtis by private message , text or call! You can even leave a comment to this posting and she will get back to you.

Thanks for considering how you can support BHHC by more active participation.

In Memoriam  Robert A. Mitchell
Bob joined Black Hawk Hiking Club in 1997 and remained an active member until his untimely passing, in 2013, at age 69. As a computer specialist, he established computerized attendance recording and set up the club’s first website. He is missed as friend, fellow hiker and valuable supporter of the club.

At the April-2016 Annual Business Meeting it was reafirmed that beverages and treats are optional on regular Saturday hikes. Hike committees can choose to bring beverages and treats if they desire at their own expense to share with other hikers. It is recommended that hikers bring their own bottled water for hydration.

Important: DO NOT bring pets to hikes