Black Hawk Hiking Club     

Background Information

We are indebted to our founder, John Hauberg, for his wise vision and strong leadership. Mr. Hauberg was born near Hillsdale, IL in 1869. He worked at many jobs but eventually enrolled in college and in 1900 earned his law degree from the University of Michigan. He practiced law locally, became deeply involved in civic and church affairs, and in 1911 married Susanne Denkmann. He founded a boys' fife, drum and bugle corps and took them on extended hiking trips. He founded the Black Hawk Hiking Club in 1920. Under his guidance the Club membership grew steadily as he extended the range of outdoor activities from local hiking to overnight campouts and to "Big Hikes" at more distant locations.

Since Mr. Hauberg's death in 1954, a number of other dedicated persons have carried on his work since then and have kept the club strong and vital. Below are two sets of pictures. Those in the first row date back to our Club's earliest days. Pictures in the bottom row are scenes from more recent hikes and were taken by various members.

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In Memoriam  Robert A. Mitchell
Bob joined Black Hawk Hiking Club in 1997 and remained an active member until his untimely passing, in 2013, at age 69. As a computer specialist, he established computerized attendance recording and set up the club’s first website. He is missed as friend, fellow hiker and valuable supporter of the club.