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DO NOT bring pets to hikes.)

2582 November 4, 2017 101 Ranch
2583 November 11, 2017 - Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail
2584 November 18, 2017 - Hauberg Trail - Loud Thunder
2585 December 2, 2017 - Black Hawk State Park and Historic site
2586 December 9, 2017 - Johnson-Sauk Trail State Recreation Area
2587 December 16, 2017 - Paul Skeffington Memorial Trail
2588 January 1, 2018 - New Year's Day Stroll
2589 January 6, 2018 - Devils Glen Park
2590 January 13, 2018 - Credit Island & Nahant Marsh
2591 January 20, 2018 - Potato Soup Hike
2592 January 27, 2018 - Riverside Park
2593 February 3, 2018, - Scott County Park
2594 February 10 - 2018 - Illiniwek Forest Preserve
2595 February 17,2018 - Tampico Illinois - Ronald Reagan Birthplace
APP  February 23 2018 - Annual Picture Presentation
2596 February 24,2018 - Lake Story
2597 March 3, 2018 - Big Island Trail
2598 March 10, 2018 - Albany Mounds Historic Site
2599 March 17, 2018 - Wapsi River "Environmental Education Center
AB   March 24, 2018 - Annual Banquet
2600 April 7, 2018 - Mines of Spain
2601 April 14, 2018 - Eden Valley
2602 April 21, 2018 - Lake Macbride State Park
2603 April 28, 2018 - Geneseo Prairie Park
ABM April 29,2018 - Annual Business Meeting
2604 May 5, 2018 - Mississippi Palisades State Park
2605 May 12, 2018 - Geller Preserve Walk
2606 May 19, 2018 - John Hauberg Memorial Hike
2607 May 26, 2018 - Doris Brockway Memorial Hike
2608 June 2, 2018 - Effigy Mounds National Monument (Spring Overnight)
2609 ---- -, 2018 - Annual big hike
2610 August 24, 2018 - Thomas Mitchell Park - Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge (End-of-Summer Overnight)
2611 September 8, 2018 - Lake Coralville
2612 September 15, 2018 - Wildcat Den State Park
2613 September 22, 2018 - Swiss Valley Nature Preserve and Nature Center
2614 September 29, 2018 - Hoover Nature Trail
2615 October 6, 2018 - White Pines Forest State Park (Fall Overnight)
2616 October 13, 2018 - Maquoketa Caves State Park
2617 October 20, 2018 - Nachusa Grasslands Preserve
2618 October 27, 2018 - Apple River Canyon State Park
ABH TBA - Annual Big Hike Presentation


HIKE No. 2582 - 101 Ranch Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 2:30 P.M.

Please join us today for a hike on the private property of Dr. Richard and Judy Kreiter in rural Blue Grass, Iowa. They own 250 acres of wooded land with 6 miles of hiking trails. There is a historic stone house, built in 1844, which is open for us to view and use restroom facilities. It is called The 101 Ranch because it is thought to have been the 101st stagecoach stop traveling from Chicago. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Directions: From Davenport, Iowa, take Hwy 61S to Blue Grass (exit 109). Proceed onto Mayne Street to the flashing light. Turn left at the light onto county road Y40. Drive 2 miles to long lane (12010 70th St.) Mailbox will be marked. Drive 0.5 miles to the barn. Bring a lawn chair if you wish to sit around a fire. Car pooling is always recommended. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Jon and Michelle Curtis, Erica Cauwels
Director: None


HIKE No. 2583 - Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail - Wyanet, IL Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 2:30 P.M.

On today's hike we will explore and hike east from near Wyanet, IL on the Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail. The Hennepin Canal cascades down the eastern slope of the Bloomington Moraine towards Bureau and the Illinois River. To accomplish this, engineers designed and built a series of locks in relative close proximity. On this hike we will have the opportunity to view these structures and other features of the park.
Constructed from 1892 to 1907, the Hennepin Canal played an important role in U.S. history and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hennepin was the first American canal built of reinforced poured concrete. Although the Hennepin enjoyed limited success as a commercial and industrial waterway, its construction involved a number of engineering innovations, and its waterway, locks, aqueducts and adjoining towpath continue to provide a beautiful recreational resource. The towpath provides 155 miles of hiking/biking fun from the Illinois River to the Rock River, with the feeder canal path to Rock Falls. Segments of the trails are open to horseback riding and snowmobiling in season.

From the Illinois Quad Cities, take I-80 East about 45 miles to Exit 45, IL-40. Turn right onto IL-40 towards Peoria and travel about 1.5 miles to US Highway 6/US Highway 34. Turn left onto US 6/US-34. Drive east about 5 miles to Wyanet, IL. Just as you are entering Wyanet, turn right onto Wyanet Walnut Road/County Highway 8. Travel south about 1 mile crossing over railroad tracks to 1410 N Avenue. Turn left onto 1410 N Avenue. Drive east about a mile to 1550 East Street and turn right. Watch for HIKE SIGNS. A parking lot will be down the road on the right.

Restrooms are located in the park, but not where we are hiking. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Hike Committee: John & Irene Kemmis, and Carol Kniep
Director: John Kemmis


HIKE No. 2584 - Hauberg Trail - Loud Thunder Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 2:30 P.M.

Join us to hike the Hauberg Trail along the Mississippi River at Loud Thunder and the old Sac Fox Trail on the ridge above the river. We will view the large boulder and memorial placed by the Black Hawk Hiking Club and dedicated to the memory of Mr. Hauberg on November 22, 1956.

Be prepared to eat birthday cake and drink hot chocolate. (Celebrating John Hauberg's 148th Birthday). Bring your lawn chairs. Water provided, bring your own cup.
From the Centennial Bridge in Rock Island take HWY 92 west to Andalusia. (about 10 & two tenths miles) Continue through Andalusia for about 5 & a half miles and turn right on Loud Thunder Road. Continue 0.8 mile to Riverview Campground picnic area and public boat ramp on the right. Proceed to picnic area. Watch for hike signs. Toilets are available.

Committee: Bill and Cathy Howard, Sondra Bulazo, and Patty Gillette
Director: Janet Corcoran


HIKE No. 2585 - Black Hawk State Park and Historic site Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 2:30 P.M.

Black Hawk State Park has woodland trails in the Black Hawk Forest which is part of Illinois Nature Preserve. There are six miles of well marked trails. Some have slopes and other areas are easy hikes. Water provided. Bring your own cup.
The Black Hawk State Historic Site is located at 1510 46th Ave., Rock Island, IL.

Directions from Iowa: Take I-74 East toward Moline (crossing into Illinois). Travel about 4 miles and exit onto John Deere Road/IL-5 West via exit 4A. Then drive 2.12 miles and take the IL-5 ramp towards Rock Island. Continue on IL - 5/ Black Hawk Road for about 2 ½ miles and Black Hawk State Historic Site will be on the left. Watch for HIKE SIGNS.

Directions from Illinois: From the junction of I-74 and John Deere Road/IL-5 West, drive 2.12 miles and then take the IL-5 ramp towards Rock Island. Continue on IL- 5/Black Hawk Road for about 2 ½ miles and Black Hawk State Historic Site will be on the left. Watch for HIKE SIGNS.

Committee: Cheryl Bivens, Michelle Curtis, Randy Bivens
Director: Cheryl Biven


HIKE No. 2586 - Johnson-Sauk Trail State Recreation Area Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 2:30 P.M.

Located on a glacial moraine which created the rolling hills of Henry County in north-central Illinois, Johnson Sauk Trail Park was part of a trail that led Native Americans from Lake Michigan to the confluence of the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. It's also a home of the Ryan Round Barn built in 1910. The barn is sometimes open for tours on Saturday afternoons for groups of 10. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Take I-80 east to Exit 33 (IL 78) and turn right towards Kewanee/Prophetstown. Drive 5.2 miles to the entrance. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Theresa Bries, Zeeta Bump, Michael and Hedy Hustedde, Vicki Kohl, Deb Viren, and Debbie Wogast
Director: Theresa Bries


HIKE No. 2587 - Paul Skeffington Memorial Trail, Dewitt, IA Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 2:30 P.M.

This well maintained trail is 10 feet wide and covers five miles. Much of the trail is through scenic wooded areas in addition to adjoining Westbrook Park. There is a butterfly garden maintained by the Dewitt Noon Lions. Part of the trail runs along train tracks. There are three bridges to cross. The north section of the trail is accessed by passing under 11th Street. Last summer we viewed a fox stepping out onto the trail. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Travel about 22 miles north of the I-80 Hwy 61 intersection on Hwy 61. Take exit 311 B at Dewitt. Turn right and go a few short blocks on 11th Street. Turn right just past the Krieger Chevrolet and Buick dealer onto Westbrook Drive before the bridge. There is plenty of parking. The trail head is at 11th Street and Westbrook Drive. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Janet Corcoran, Bill Burns, Jane Cassidy, Helen Christopher, and Waltraud Martens
Director: Janet Corcoran


HIKE No. 2588 - New Year's Day Stroll Monday, January 1, 2018 - 7:00 P.M.

Come join us as we make new friends and renew old friendships to welcome in the New Year. We will stroll around the historic neighborhood surrounding the Deere-Wiman Estate. After our walk in the brisk air, we will return to share snacks and holiday treats. Please bring a snack to share. Hot beverages will be provided. Bring a flashlight for safety in the darkness and dress for the weather. Bring your own cup.

Meet at the Deere-Wiman Carriage House, 817 11th Avenue, Moline, IL

Committee: Sharon Dodd, Darlene Boyles, Dale Hachtel, and Walt and Carole Lysell
Director: Sharon Dodd


HIKE No. 2589 - Devils Glen Park Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Join us as we hike along Duck Creek in this beautiful, wooded area of the parkway which follows the creek in Bettendorf. The park is easy to reach and scenic in the winter as we look for wildlife along the creek. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Illinois - From the I-74 bridge take Exit 1 onto State Street heading east 1.7 miles to Devils Glen Road (Shell station). Turn Left and proceed 0.3 miles north and turn right into the park.

Iowa - In Davenport follow Locust Street eastbound into Bettendorf where it changes to Middle Road. Continue on Middle Road through Bettendorf until you reach Devils Glen Road. Turn right and head south. Turn left into the park. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Jane Cassidy, LaeUna DeWitt, Patty Gillette, Michael and Hedy Hustedde
Director: Jane Cassidy


HIKE No. 2590 - Credit Island & Nahant Marsh Saturday, January 13, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Come join us on a walk around Credit Island, a 420 acre park in southwest Davenport located alongside the Mississippi River. This park houses disc golf, rugby, soccer, baseball and softball fields. This island is popular for sightseeing and Bald Eagle watching. We will walk over the bridge to and around Nahant Marsh which is a 265 acre preserve. It is a part of a 513 acre wetland complex bordered by the Mississippi River, Interstate 280, and Highway 22. There is also an Education Center. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Travel west on River Drive (Hwy 61) in Davenport. Turn left into Credit Island Park. Then take the first right, and park at the first shelter. Watch for HIKE SIGNS.

Committee: Bill Howard, Patty Gravitt, Mike Peters, Yvonne Siddique, Tracee Snyder, and Debbie Wolgast
Director: None


HIKE No. 2591 - Potato Soup Hike Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

This hike is on Duck Creek Bike Path. It is mostly flat. We may go off trail if conditions allow.

After the hike, potato soup will be served as has been done annually for many years. The committee will provide bowls and utensils, crackers, coffee , cocoa, etc. Bring your own cup.

From downtown Davenport, travel north on Brady Street to George Washington Blvd (one block north of 32nd Street.) Turn right before the bridge over Duck Creek and between a gas station and the Creekside Bar and Grill. The hike will start at 524 E. George Washington Blvd. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Wade Maxwell, Barbara Fenton, Nancy Fulton, Earl Hill, Mary Ann Maxwell, and Dennis and Maria McBride
Director: Mya Hayes


HIKE No. 2592 - Riverside Park, Muscatine, Iowa Saturday, January 27, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Get a different view of the Mississippi River along the Muscatine Riverfront. Let's meet at the shelter that is catty-corner to the Pearl City State Building, directly across from Iowa Avenue and the old Hotel Muscatine. We will walk along the riverfront to Weed Park. There are benches along the river and public restrooms open year round. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From Davenport take Hwy 61 south to Muscatine. Continue on Hwy 61 through five traffic lights. At the 4th and 5th traffic light, you will see Hy-Vee on your left. Continue to the 7th traffic light which is Cedar Street/Hwy 22. Turn left onto Cedar Street and continue about five miles to the downtown riverfront. At the T-intersection, turn right onto Mississippi Drive (Business Hwy 61/IA 92). Turn left into the park at the opening across from Iowa Avenue. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Theresa Bries, Zeeta Bump, Bill Burns, Michael and Hedy Hustedde, Liz and Rob McDonald, and Debbie Wolgast
Director: Theresa Bries


HIKE No. 2593 - Scott County Park - 270th St. Eldridge, IA SATURDAY, February 3, 2018 – 2:30 P.M.

Scenic hike in the woods of white pines and evergreens with easy trails to follow. Water provided, bring your own cup.

Take 61 N. and exit at Long Grove. Turn right and make a left on old 61 at the four way stop. Turn right on 270 th St. and drive about 1.5 miles and turn left into the park. Watch for HIKE signs. Park at Indian Hills Shelter.

Committee: Cheryl and Randy Bivens, Ramona Druhl, and Nadine Palmgren
Director: Cheryl Bivens


HIKE No. 2594 - Illiniwek Forest Preserve Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.
Experience the wonderful overviews of the Mississippi River as we hike the bluffs and ravines in the Preserve upriver from Hampton, Illinois. Weather depending, we may join the short hikers on the bike path. Port-a-potty will be available. Water provided, bring your own cup.

Iowa - Cross the I-80 bridge over the Mississippi River. Take Exit 1 (Savanna/East Moline). Turn left onto IL 84 South. Drive approximately three miles and turn left into Illiniwek Park.

Illinois - Take IL 92 East through East Moline. At the IL 84 junction of East Moline and Silvis, turn left and proceed on IL 84 North (Great River Road) for approximately three miles to Illiniwek Park on the right. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Bob Bartels, Peggy Bartels, Amy Costello, and Waltraud Martens
Director: Mya Hayes


HIKE No. 2595 - Tampico Illinois - Ronald Reagan Birthplace Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.
Today's hike is Tampico, Illinois. We will hike the many streets of Tampico, visiting the museum, church, and places where Ronald Reagan - 40th President of the United States – was born. He is the only President born in Illinois.

President Ronald Reagan was born on Feb. 6, 1911 in an apartment above a bakery. The bakery was purchased by the First National Bank in 1919 and continued as a bank until the 1930's. The apartment where he was born has been refinished to look as it did when he was born. The bank has been restored to look like a working bank of the early 1900's. The store located to the south of the bank originally was a grocery store and now houses the gift shop for the Reagan Museum. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From the Illinois Quad-Cities, take Interstate 88 east about 6 miles to the Joslin, IL exit #6, turning right onto IL-92. Travel about 15 mile to the junction of IL-78 and turn left. Following IL-78/IL-92 for about a mile and turn right following IL-92. Drive about 8 miles turning left onto IL-172. Follow IL-172 about 5 miles into Tampico. In Tampico, carefully watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: John & Irene Kemmis, Carol Kneip, and Bob & Peggy Bartels
Director: John Kemmis

Annual Picture Presentation

Friday, February 23, 2018 - 7:00 P.M.

Go back in time and enjoy an evening of entertainment in the historical Deere-Wiman House living room and take a glimpse at Victorian family life. Built by Charles Deere, the son of John Deere, four generations lived in the home which they called Overlook. (

The picture presentation slide show will include entries in five categories as well as photos taken by professional photographer and club member, Paul Riewerts. Enter photographs in these categories: 1) Local Hike Scenes, 2) Local Hikers, 3)Big Hike Scenes, 4) Big Hike Hikers, and 5) Non-hike Subjects. Up to four pictures may be submitted in each category per individual. Pictures must have been taken within the last twelve months. Please label your images with your name, title, category, and hike number, if applicable.

Email all images to John Kemmis at If copied onto a flash drive or disk, mail images to: 109 Abbey Drive, Geneseo, IL 61254. All entries will be acknowledged via-e-mail within 72 hours. Entries are due no later than January 21, 2018.

Paul Riewerts will select the photo winners, present a slide show of photos and give tips on how to improve shots and what makes a photo tell a better story. At the presentation, members may wish to display additional prints taken during the year in the above categories, but they will not be judged. The room is available to set up your display at 6:30 P.M.

Meet at the Deere - Wiman House, 1105 8th St., Moline, IL. Park in the lot between the Rock Island Historical Society and Butterworth Center OR on the street. Walk across the street to the Deere - Wiman House. Enter the house through the front door on the curved driveway.

Refreshments will be served after the presentation in the lovely dining room.

Committee: Theresa Bries, Bill Burns, Michael and Hedy Hustedde,Vicki Kohl, Deb Viren, and Deb Wolgast
Director: Theresa Bries


HIKE No. 2596 - Lake Story Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

This is a flat, paved trail approximately 2-1/2 miles to the dam (5 miles round trip). There are also a few short cut offs through the woods and all lead back to the paved trail. Those wishing to take a short hike may turn around at any time. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From Illinois, take US 6 to US 150 through Coal Valley and Orion. Go approximately 40 miles on US 150. You will reach a sign that says "Lake Story Recreation Area Road" on the right. Go past this to the next right which is marked with yellow bike signs and a green sign on the right that says "Cabeen Hiking & Biking Trail". Turn right. There is also a sign in the park that says "Ken Russell Conservation Area". There is parking and a picnic area with a covered shelter and outdoor toilet.

From Iowa, you can take 174 to US 6 and US 150. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Darlene Boyles, LaeUna DeWitt and Sharon Dodd
Director: Sharon Dodd


HIKE No. 2597 - Big Island Trail- Milan, IL SATURDAY, March 3, 2018 – 2:30 P.M.

This hike will take place on the Milan section of the Hennepin Canal Parkway trail that follows along both sides of the historic 1907 canal and joins locks 30-32. Big Island is a delta at the confluence of the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. The trail is located off of Big Island road in Milan. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From Moline IL, take exit 4A off of I-74 East onto IL 5 West (John Deere Rd.). Keep left onto Milan Beltway and go about 2 miles toward Milan. Keep right onto 1st Avenue E and turn left onto Big Island Rd. OR take exit 5A on I- 74 from Moline east onto I-280 toward DesMoines and take exit 15 toward Milan US 67. Turn right onto 1st Ave. Go toward Milan US 67 and turn left onto Big Island Rd.

From Davenport IA, take Centennial Bridge into Rock Island and turn right on 4th Avenue. In .3 miles turn left on 11th Street, drive 3.8 miles, go over bridges, and turn right at the light onto Big Island Rd. Milan, IL.

Parking and access to the trail is available along the Big Island Rd.. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Mya Hayes, Barbara Fenton, Joy Hayes, and Jon and Michelle Curtis
Director: Mya Hayes


HIKE No. 2598 -Albany Mounds Historic Site Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Albany Mounds State Historic Site, on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River flood- plain in Whiteside County is a remarkable 200 acre site that was occupied by Native Americans for over 10,000 years. Originally, the site contained over 90 mounds built by people of the Hopewell Culture. Today, there are nearly 50 of these burial mounds preserved as one of the most important archeological sites in the State of Illinois. Our hike will follow over two miles of trails as we explore many of the mounds and also view the interpretive signs about the local trees and flowers. We will continue the hike on the Great River Trail. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From the I-80 bridge, head north on IL 84 for 17 miles into Albany. Turn right (east) onto South Park Avenue and go two blocks making a right at S. Church street. Continue on as the road veers to the left and becomes 11th Avenue S. Go up the hill and turn right (south) onto Cherry Street, and follow it for 0.5 mile to the parking lot at the sign for Albany Mounds. Try to car pool as parking is limited. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Jane Cassidy, and Darlene Boyles, Janet Corcoran, and Jon and Michelle Curtis
Director: Jane Cassidy


HIKE No. 2599 - Wapsi River "Environmental Education Center - 31555 52nd Avenue, Dixon, Iowa SATURDAY, March 17, 2018 – 2:30 P.M.

This is a great chance for premium wildlife viewing while hiking the scenic trails. There are approximately 30 acres of bottomland forest that are located along the Wapsipinicon River and about 120 acres of timber of oak and hickory trees. There is also an observatory on the property. The observatory is host to many public star gazing events each year, is available for educational programs, and will be open to the public programs, on special occasions. Although the prairie is nice this time of the year, it is especially nice in the fall and winter time. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Take Hwy. 130 NW Blvd in Davenport out to Dixon, Iowa. Turn left onto County Rd Y43 heading NW for 1 mile. Turn N at 52nd Avenue. Follow signs for 1 mile. Distance from I-80 is about 30 miles. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Cheryl and Randy Bivens, Bernadine Bowles, Mona Druhl
Director: Cheryl Bivens

Annual Banquet

Annual Banquet Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 5:00 P.M.

Our annual banquet will be held at the Rock Island Hy-Vee in their upstairs banquet room. The address is Hy-Vee, 2930 18th Avenue, Rock Island on the corner of 30th Street. Dinner will be served buffet style at 5:30 and includes a choice of 2 entrees and 3 side dishes. Beverages are included. The cost of the meal is $14.00.

Following dinner, Dave Murcia, a naturalist from the WAPSI Environmental Education Center will speak about the WAPSI Center, Friends of the WAPSI, and the local ecology and geology of our rivers.
Please send checks to: Black Hawk Hiking Club, Jane Cassidy, 2632 Western Avenue, Davenport, IA 52803. Checks must be received by March 17th, 2018 to attend.

Committee: Jane Cassidy, Bob and Peggy Bartels, Linda Boardsen, and Sondra Bulazo
Director: Jane Cassidy


HIKE No. 2600 - Mines of Spain Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

A short hike on the Cedar Ridge Trail is 1.5 miles for the complete loop, but could be about 0.5 mile just to the observation platform and back.
A long hike on the Cedar Ridge and Prairie Ridge trails totals 3 miles for a complete loop.

For those wanting a longer hike, the Eagle Scout trail of 5.6 miles round trip is also accessible from the same location.

There are rest rooms in the nature center but no rest rooms at the trail head. Picnic tables are near the parking lot. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From Davenport, turn left onto N Brady St. N/US-61 N. Continue to follow US-61 N. US-61 N is just past N Main St. If you are on E 3rd St. and reach Pershing Ave you've gone about 0.1 miles too far. Then drive 68.06 miles and Turn right onto US-52 S/Bellevue Rd. (DQ and BP Station on right). After about 0.6 miles on US 52 you will see Bellevue Heights Road on your left. If you want to visit the nature center, turn left on Bellevue Heights Road and look for the E.B. Lyons interpretive center on the right. There is a small sign set back from the street to the right of their driveway.

If not going to the nature center, continue about 0.8 miles more on US 52 to Old Massey Road (about 1.4 miles from US 52). Turn left onto Old Massey Road, go about 0.9 mile to Mines of Spain Road. Turn left onto Mines of Spain Road. Stop at the first parking lot on the right for the hike area. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Dale Hachtel, Sharon Dodd, Walt Lysell, and Kirby McLaughlin
Director: Sharon Dodd


HIKE No. 2601- Eden Valley - 1415 50th Avenue, Baldwin, IA SATURDAY, April 14, 2018 – 2:30 P.M.

This is a beautiful area with high bluffs, forests, wildflowers and a swinging bridge over Bear Creek. There is also a lookout tower to climb to check out the view. Springtime is a nice time to view the wildflowers. Water provided, bring your own cup.

From I-80/Hwy 61 Junction travel north on Hwy 61 for about 36 miles to exit 158. Turn left and head west on Hwy 64 for about 9 miles to Baldwin, Iowa. Turn left onto County Rd. Y32/50th Avenue. After crossing Bear Creek on Y32, turn left into the Eden Valley Nature Center parking. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Cheryl and Randy Bivens, Linda Boardsen, and Bernadine Bowles
Director: Cheryl Bivens


HIKE No. 2602 - Lake Macbride State Park - 3525 Hwy. 382 NE, Solon, IA Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

This Iowa state park opened to the public in 1937. It is named after Thomas Macbride, a professor of botany at the University of Iowa, who has been called the father of conservation in Iowa. In the 1930's the CCC constructed a number of facilities here including the beautiful stone shelter and beach building. The multi-use trails wind for miles around the lake. All the trails offer opportunities for bird watchers and nature lovers alike. During the spring and fall, shorebirds, waterfowl, and osprey are frequent visitors. Restrooms are available. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From Davenport head west on Interstate 80 towards Iowa City. Take exit 246 and turn right (north) towards Mount Vernon. Continue on Hwy 1 north to Hwy 382 NE in Solon (E-Main Street). Turn left and watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Jane Cassidy, Theresa Bries, and Art and Sandy French
Director: Jane Cassidy


HIKE No. 2603 - Geneseo Prairie Park Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Hike by the William W. Cole Memorial Cabin and the Geneseo Prairie Park with a woodland bluff overlooking the Hennepin Canal. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Take I-80 East to Geneseo Exit 19. Turn left off the interstate toward Geneseo. Follow North IL 82 through Geneseo by turning left at the 2nd stop light (Main ST). Drive 3 blocks, turn right (Henry St) continuing to follow N IL 82 through town. Continue driving North out of town pass the cemetery and Casey's. After about a half a mile turn right on Roos Hill Road, then left at a scout cabin sign. Watch for HIKE SIGNS.

Committee: Jerry Kruse and Nadine Palmgren, Bernadene Bowles, LaeUna DeWitt, Waltraud Martens, and Doug Vanatta
Director: None

Annual Business Meeting

Annual Business Meeting - Potluck Dinner Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 4:00 P.M. Hauberg Civic Center - 1300 24th Street, Rock Island, IL

Please pay your membership dues today. All members are encouraged to attend, but Officers and Directors are expected.
The agenda will include:
*Presentation of hike attendance award
*Recognition of outgoing officers and directors
*Election of new officers (President, Vice-president, Corresponding Secretary)
*Election of new directors (We are short two as of this printing.)
*Yearly reports from officers
*Any new business (Please contact President Michelle Curtis with any issues or concerns.)

Following the business meeting we will have a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to share and your own table service and cup. Hot and cold beverages will be provided. Please arrive early so we can start the meeting promptly at 4:00.

From the Government Bridge in Rock Island, continue south on 24th Street. Turn left onto 9th Avenue (T-intersection), continue onto 25th Street (curve). Turn right onto 13th Avenue (top of hill).

Committee: Michelle and Jon Curtis, Randy and Cheryl Bivens, Art and Sandy French, and Patty Gillette.


HIKE No. 2604 - Mississippi Palisades State Park Saturday, May 5, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Enjoy a spectacular display of wildflowers such as shooting stars, white and pink trillium, columbine and bluebells as we hike on the challenging trails of the park. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Mississippi River. The park is 50 miles from the I-80 bridge.

After the hike bring picnic gear and a dish to share for the potluck. Beverages provided. Bring your own cup. Bring your own meat.

Cross the I-80 bridge at LeClaire and take Exit 1/IL 84 North to Savanna. Drive through Savanna and continue north about 2 miles to the park's south entrance. Meet at the main pavilion. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Janet Corcoran, Kirby McLaughlin, and Lois Spencer
Director: Janet Corcoran


HIKE No. 2605 - Geller Preserve Walk, Snaggy Ridge Rd & 265th Street, North of Rochester, IA (southwest of Tipton) Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 1:30 P.M. (Note time change - Not 2:30)

The Geller Preserve is located north of Rochester. It's a beautiful property with incredible native plants such as the Indian Paintbrush which is a rare, hemi-parasitic plant that requires a specific habitat. If we are lucky, the Orchis - a native Orchid, Blue-Eyed grass - from the iris family will be in bloom. There will be plenty of woodland flowers like: Blue Bells, Shooting Stars, Jack-In-The-Pulpit, Jacob's Ladder, Phlox, Columbine, Trout Lily, Wild Ginger, Bloodroot, Hepatica, and May Apples. Iowa's fertile topsoil was formed under prairie, savanna, and timber. This is the original, living history of Cedar County. The walk is only available 2 days a year (The rest of the year it is only available to the cows and wildlife). This is a guided tour only event, so please join us! Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Take I-80 West to exit 267. Take a right off exit onto Hwy38. Travel 2.1 miles to county Hwy F44. Go 0.8 mile to F46 (Snaggy Ridge Road) and turn right. Follow the blacktop road as it curves left then right. You will hit gravel road; drive 2.2 miles to 265th St. take a right. Parking is on that road and is limited. Please car pool. No restrooms are available. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Patty Gillette, Jane Yokoi, Amy Costello and Waltraud Martens
Director: None


HIKE No. 2606 - John Hauberg Memorial Hike Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Come join us for the annual Hauberg Memorial Hike at Loud Thunder Forest Preserve as we pay tribute to John Hauberg, the founder of the Black Hawk Hiking Club. A potluck meal will follow the hike. Bring your own table service, cup and a dish to share. Electricity is available for crock pots. Refreshments provided.

From US 67 South in Rock Island, Illinois, or I-280, take IL 92 West ( The Great River Road) through Andalusia, IL. Continue approximately 5 miles to Loud Thunder Road and Turn right. There will be a "T" intersection. Continue on Loud Thunder Road past Lake George and turn left at the next road. Follow the HIKE SIGNS to Deer Haven Shelter.

Committee: John and Irene Kemmis, Art and Sandy French, and Carol Kniep
Director: John Kemmis


Hike No. 2607 - Doris Brockway Memorial Hike - Colesburg, Iowa Saturday, May 26, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Today's hike is on private property owned by Mark and Anne Brockway. We will hike and fellowship in remembrance of Doris Brockway, Mark's mother, who was a long time member of our club. Doris passed away in July, 2017. The club has never been here. The Brockways have 40 acres of woods and prairie in northeastern Iowa. There are large rock outcroppings and abundant plant and wildlife. We will hike on mowed hilly trails through timber and meadow and enjoy expansive views of Graham Valley. There is a cabin on the property with a restroom. Please bring a cup and a chair to sit by the fire. We will roast hot dogs, enjoy s'mores, and drinks. Refreshments are provided by the host and hostess and the committee. Please car pool if you can.

Directions: This is just over 100 miles, allow 2 hours driving time. Drive north on Hwy 61 past DeWitt and Maquoketa. Just south of the Dubuque airport look for large overhead power lines crossing the highway. Between mile marker 180 and 181 you will turn left (west) onto Skyline Road (D41) Follow Skyline Road across Hwy 151, it will turn into Monastery Road. You will pass the monastery, continue until road T's at highway Y21. Turn right (north) and continue on Y21 (Sundown Road) approximately 3 miles until you come to Peosta and Hwy 20. Go west on Hwy 20 and get off at exit 294 (Dyersville). Take highway 136 North. Continue on Hwy136 N through Vienna and Luxemburg. Drive about 2 miles north of Luxemburg, past White Pines sign and turn left (west) and the 2nd left which is Spoden Road. Follow Spoden Road approximately 4 miles. It will change names at the county line and be called Graham Road. Turn left on Landau Road, cross the Little Turkey River on old metal bridge. Just past bridge continue to drive straight ahead on Landau Road. Drive up the hill and look for the first blue sign on your left "34010" Park along Landau road and walk up to cabin.
Pre or post hike: it is a very scenic drive north from the Brockways to Millville and Guttenberg about 7 miles. Trout fishing is always good in the Little Turkey River.

Committee: Michelle and Jon Curtis, Erica Cauwels, Bill Howard
Director: None


HIKE No. 2608 - Effigy Mounds National Monument - Marquette, Iowa Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 2:30 PM
(Spring Overnight - Pikes Peak State Park, McGregor, Iowa)

Please join Jon and Michelle Curtis in northeast Iowa for an overnight at Pikes Peak State Park. The highest bluff overlooking the Mississippi in Iowa is found in this park. One can view the confluence of the Wisconsin River with the Mississippi. This area has long been called "the little Switzerland of Iowa." It is very hilly and the highways are National Scenic Byways. The historic town of McGregor is close as is Effigy Mounds where we will hike on Saturday.

We are planning this in a different way this year. If you are interested, please call Michelle Curtis (309-644-0486) before Valentine's Day. She will take your name and number, and the planning continues from there. If you sign up, you will be a member of the committee for the overnight. Directions and details will be given when you sign up.

Effigy Mounds National Monument is a National Park site with over 200 sacred burial mounds overlooking the upper Mississippi River Valley. We will hike the Eagle Rock Trail. We will meet in the visitor center parking lot. This is 2 hours and 40 minutes from the Quad Cities.
Come early to browse the Visitor Center. We will hike the shorter trail at 2:30. Anyone interested in hiking the longer trail can meet in the Visitor Center parking lot at 9:30 A.M. There will be a ranger program at 10:00 A.M. Our overnight group will be hiking both trails. We will pack individual brown bag lunches for the trail. This is a National Monument, but it is free to visit. We will see many varieties of hardwood trees such as oak, maple, walnut, shagbark hickory, birch, and aspen. There is a large rock outcropping and views of the islands that make up the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. Of course we will see some of the 206 known prehistoric mounds, 31 are in the form of an animal. Some are dated 500 B.C.

Directions from Quad Cities: Take Hwy 61 N to Dubuque. From Dubuque take Hwy 52 North to Hwy 18. Take Hwy 18 East toward McGregor and continue north to Marquette. Take Hwy 76 North out of Marquette to Effigy Mounds.

Committee: Jon and Michelle Curtis and others to be determined.
Director: None


Hike No. 2609 - 98th Annual big hike
Usually during July for one week.
Pending futher review


HIKE No. 2610 - End of Summer Overnight - Thomas Mitchell Park and the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge Friday, August 24 to Sunday, August 26, 2018

Thomas Mitchell Park - A tall, wooded ridge is the most prominent natural feature of this 179-acre park south of Mitchellville. Thomas Mitchell, a native of New Hampshire, built his cabin here along Camp Creek in 1844. His cabin site is no longer visible, but Polk County's first permanent English-speaking settler is still remembered by a park monument and the town of Mitchellville which bears his name.

The park offers a 42-unit campground, two picnic shelters, universally designed play area, fishing pond, and the 1-1/2 mile Devotie Trail. The park entrance is located on NE 108th Street just south of NE 46th Street between Altoona and Mitchellville.
Make campground reservations online at

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge - Visitors are welcome year-round at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. There's something for everyone here, from a rainy-day trip through the exhibit hall to a hike or snowshoe on the trails, and from deer hunting to photographing native Iowa wildlife. Each season brings new things to discover on the prairie, on your own or during a Ranger-led program.

Our 2:30 pm hike on Saturday will be at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge beginning at the Prairie Learning and Visitors Center.

From I-80, take the Colfax exit and turn south on Hwy 117. Drive 6 miles following Hwy 117; turn right in Prairie City to continue on Hwy 117. Cross Hwy 163, and turn right on the paved entry road. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Cost for 6 meals is $22.00. Make reservations and send check for meals payable to John Kemmis by August 7,109 Abbey Drive, Geneseo, IL 61254. (309) 737-8293

Saturday hikers will meet us campers at 9981 Pacific St., Prairie City, IA 50228

Committee: John & Irene Kemmis, Carol Kniep, and Art & Sandy French
Director: John Kemmis


HIKE No. 2611 - Lake Coralville Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Our hike will be a combination of several connected trails that go through hard wood forest and follows along the shore of Lake Coralville. The difficulty is moderate with some ups and downs. We will start and end at the Squire Point parking lot with the total distance being about four miles. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From Davenport, take I-80 west to Iowa City. Take exit 244 and Turn right at Dubuque Street (W66). Follow W66 north for about 2.5 miles, passing W. Overlook road to Peterson PI road. Turn right onto Peterson PI road and keep right to Squire Point parking lot. Total distance is about 62 miles and time is about one hour. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Tom and Sandy Cline, Vicki Kohl, and Deb Viren
Director: Janet Corcoran


HIKE No. 2612 - Wildcat Den State Park Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Hike in one of the area's favorite parks. The 417 acre park offers some challenges with stairs and steep climbs along limestone bluffs and into shallow canyons. The park also has a functional late 1800's grist mill and a rural one-room schoolhouse. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From Illinois - travel on I-280 across the Mississippi River taking the first exit (Rockingham Road). Turn left onto Rockingham Road (Hwy 22) and travel through the towns of Buffalo and Montpelier. Three miles past Montpelier you'll reach Wildcat Den Road. Turn right onto the park road. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Theresa Bries, Zeeta Bump, Michael and Hedy Hustedde, Liz and Rob McDonald, and Debbie Wolgast
Director: Theresa Bries


HIKE No. 2613 - Swiss Valley Nature Preserve and Nature Center Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

We hiked portions of this park last fall. This fall we plan to hike different trails. The preserve features a nature center containing interpretive displays concerning the wildlife, ecology, and natural history of the Swiss Valley area. The center also houses the administrative office of the Dubuque County Conservation Board. More than 10 miles of self-guiding nature and hiking trails radiate outward from the center through the forest, prairie, and wetland areas. The Catfish Creek, which meanders through the preserve, is stocked with trout by the Iowa DNR each year, providing many hours of fishing for anglers. In winter, many of the trails convert to groomed cross-country ski trails. The nature center also has snowshoes for visitors to use, free of charge. The preserve and the nature center are open year round except for holidays. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Take Hwy 61 North toward Dubuque. Exit onto Hwy 151 South. Go approximately 1 mile to Old Military Road and turn right. Go 2 miles to Elks Lodge and turn left on Swiss Valley Road. Travel for approximately 2 ½ miles, entrance is on the left. Watch for HIKE SIGNS.

Committee: John & Irene Kemmis, and Carol Kneip
Director: John Kemmis


HIKE No. 2614 - Hoover Nature Trail, West Branch, IA Saturday, September 29, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

This trail goes from West Branch to the small town of Oasis. West Branch is the birthplace of Herbert Hoover, the only American president born in Iowa. Near the trail head is the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum. Restroom facilities are available at the Hoover Museum - not at the trail head. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

From the Quad Cities travel west about 58 miles on I-80 to Exit 254 (West Branch). Turn right (north) onto City Rd. X30/Parkside Drive. Drive about 0.5 miles to East College Street. Turn right onto East College Street and go about a block and a half. Watch for HIKE SIGNS.

Committee: Neil and Perrine West, Art and Sandy French, Dennis and Maria McBride, and Ken and Nancy Olson
Director: None


HIKE No. 2615 - White Pines Forest State Park Fall Overnight Saturday, October 5 - 6, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

White Pines Forest State Park features one of the largest southernmost stands of native white pine in Illinois. It is also noted for the vine-covered limestone bluffs. Concrete fords span Pine Creek allowing cars to drive through the flowing stream.

From I88 and the Mississippi River, go east on Interstate 88 to Dixon, IL exit Hwy 26. Go all the way through Dixon on Hwy 26 (Galena Ave.). At the last stoplight (Walgreens Drug Store is on the corner) turn north (right) on Lowell Park Road, 8 miles to stop sign. Turn east (right) on Pines Road. 1½ miles to the park entrance on the left. Watch for HIKE signs.

There are 94 campsites and 26 log cabins in the park. The park also has a main lodge and gift shop. Let me know if you plan to come. $15 will pay for 3 meals (Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday noon.) Anyone coming on Friday may opt for dinner at the park lodge. Send payment to Janet Corcoran, 4407 N. Linwood, Davenport, IA 52806, (563) 386-3428. Reservations due to Janet by September 1, 2018. Park reservations open January 1st.

Committee: Janet Corcoran, Art and Sandy French, and Bill Howard
Director: Janet Corcoran


HIKE No. 2616 - Maquoketa Caves State Park Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Today Black Hawk Hiking members and guests will visit one of Iowa's unique state parks with a 6 mile trail system that links natural limestone rock formations and bluffs. During today's hike we will focus on hiking along the trails, not entering the caves, but instead, enjoying the interesting geological trail highlights and natural scenic beauty of Maquoketa park. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Maquoketa Caves State Park is about 48 miles from Davenport. Take highway 61 from Davenport Iowa. Just north of Maquoketa, take a left at county rd Y31 (Caves Road). Drive 17 miles, and take another left at 98th Street. Drive another 5.8 miles. The park is on the left. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Mya Hayes, Sondra Bulazo, and Janet Corcoran
Director: Mya Hayes


HIKE No. 2617 - Nachusa Grasslands Preserve Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 2:30 P.M.

Come see one of the largest prairies (four thousand one hundred acres) in the state of Illinois which is owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy. Many uncommon or rare animals plus at least 86 Bison survive at Nachusa who live in the colorful prairie grasses. Many of the state's largest populations of federally threatened prairie grasses and one of the state's largest populations of federally threatened bush clover thrive alongside the 103 acres of 156 species collected and planted by volunteer stewards and crews. Nachusa Grasslands Preserve is at 8772 S. Lowden Road, Franklin Grove, IL. Water provided. Bring your own cup.

Drive East on I-88 to Dixon. Drive North to Route 2 for 3.2 miles. Turn Right and drive .9 miles to Lost Nation Road. Turn Right to Maples Road, turn Left to Baylor Road and drive 3.6 miles. Turn Left to Lowden Road. Watch for HIKE Signs. Go to the Bathroom in Dixon.

Committee: Tom Cline, Sharon Dodd, Walt Lysell, and Jane Yokoi
Director: Sharon Dodd


HIKE No. 2618 - Apple River Canyon State Park SATURDAY, October 27, 2018 – 2:30 P.M.

Apple River Canyon State Park is in the hilly NW corner of Illinois in Jo Davies county near the Wisconsin border. Limestone Bluffs, deep ravines, springs, streams and wildlife are all part of the scenery. Once part of a vast sea bottom that stretched from the Alleghenies to the Rockies the scenic canyon area was formed by the action of the winding waters of Apple River. Some trails have stairs as part of hiking feature. This is a hilly hike! Restrooms are located in the park. Water provided, bring your own cup.

From the Illinois Quad Cities take I-88 about 25 miles east to IL-78 exit, Exit 26. Turn left on IL-78 and follow IL-78 to Stockton Illinois and U.S. 20. At the intersection of U.S. 20 turn left onto U.S. 20. Travel west on U.S. 20 for about 2 miles. Look for intersection with County Route 10 S Canyon Park Rd. Turn right (north) onto CR 10 S Canyon Park Rd and follow into the park. Watch for HIKE signs.

Committee: Cheryl and Randy Bivens, Carol Kniep, and Jerry Kruise and Nadine Palmgren
Director: Cheryl Bivens

Annual Big Hike Presentation

Hike #2573 (97th Annual Big Hike) July 16th to July 22nd - Shenandoah National Park - Luray, Virginia

Hike Leader: Cheryl Bivens
Campsite Hosts: Tom & Sandy Cline
Photographer: Randy Bivens
Hikers: Cheryl & Randy Bivens, Tom & Sandy Cline, Debbie Viren, Vicki Kohl, Darlene Boyles, LaeUna DeWitt, Debbie Wolgast, Jane Cassidy, Lonnie Holland & Ron Michels.

Sunday 7/16
The hikers arrived in the afternoon and evening, some car pooled others arrived separately. Debbie Viren and Vicki Kohl stayed in a cabin by the lodge restaurant and gift shop on the hill, Tom and Sandy stayed in a camper and the rest of the hikers camped in tents for the week at the Big Meadows campground in Shenandoah National Park. There was no electricity or internet service except at the lodge or cabin on the hill. There were modern bathrooms and showers close to the campers. To use the shower it was $1.75 for 5.25 minutes, due to cost of transporting water, to the campgrounds. The hikers set up their tents and ate as a group at the restaurant, in the lodge in Shenandoah National Park. After the meal and fellowship the hikers returned to the centralized campsite to set up the large canopy for gathering for the breakfast and dinners each day.

Monday 7/17
Lonnie Holland was assigned the task of starting coffee each morning, since he was an early riser and a coffee drinker. Breakfast was prepared at 7:00 and served at 7:30, after breakfast sack lunches were prepared for the day. The hike started at 8:45. Our first hike was on the Story of the Forest Trail which was an easy flat 1.8 mile hike with a stop half way at the visitor center. At the visitor center the group took a guided tour of the Big Meadows located directly behind the visitors center. This hike was an easy trail about 2 miles round trip. It was a historical hike where we could view the foundation of the Wheatley family home one of the early settlers and the location of the CCC camp. The CCC camp was set up to employ young men (16-21) during the depression. The men earned $35.00 a week they kept $5.00 and sent $30.00 home to their families. The CCC workers helped prepare roads and prepare for the National Park. We saw a variety of wild flowers in the Big Meadows. There were 4 different types of milkweed. The common milkweed, white milkweed, swamp milkweed and butterfly weed. The fly poison plant was plant that was used to kill flies by the early settlers. They would grind the root and mixed it with honey and milk and set in dish in window to catch flies. Yarrow was used to help stop bleeding. We returned to campsite to eat sack lunches. Then Lonnie Holland led the short hikers LaUna DeWitt, Deb Wolgast, Jane Cassidy Vicki Kohl on a 1.3 mile hike on the Limber lost Trail it is a flat easy hike with a scenic overlook. The long hikers Vicki Kohl, Debbie Viren, Ron Michel, Tom Cline, Darlene Boyles, Randy and Cheryl Bivens hiked a moderate 4 mile hike on the Mill Prong Trail to Rapidan cabins President Hoover's summer retreat. This trail had 850' elevation and crossed 3 streams. There were 3 cabins near Rapidan creek where Herbert Hoover enjoyed trout fishing and his wife would go horseback riding or hiking. There was a snake resting on the entrance step of the Brown cabin so we were not allowed to tour that cabin. We returned to campsite and enjoyed a delicious dinner of Southwest salad and Quesadillas and cookies. After dinner each day we had circle time and said the Lord's Prayer. After clean-up we enjoyed campfire with S-mores and stories.

Tuesday 7/18
We ventured on a two mile round trip hike to Dark Hollow Falls to view a seventy foot waterfall. On the way to the waterfall we stopped to view a place called the ‘Cave Cemetery', named after the Cave family. Dated pre - 1940, it can be found on a hill. Most of the markers were primitive, so all the names were listed on a sign. After viewing the Dark Hollow Falls, the short hikers LaeUna DeWitt, Debbie Wolgast, Sandy Cline and Vicki Kohl headed back to enjoy their lunch at the campsite. The long hikers Cheryl and Randy Bivens, Tom Cline, Deb Viren, Darlene Boyles, Jane Cassidy, Ron Michels and Lonnie Holland continued their journey on a 3.5 mile hike to Rose River Falls, which included several cascading waterfalls along the trail leading to a 65 foot waterfall. Their lunch was enjoyed while viewing this waterfall. While relaxing by the waterfall the girls chose to dip their feet in the cool clear water. Deb Viren's shoe slid off the rock and she caught it as it landed in the water. She was fortunate to catch the shoe before it floated downstream, the shoe was wet but the inside was dry. Rose River Falls is a moderate hike with a 910 ft. elevation climb on the return hike. The afternoon was a time to relax or visit the gift shop and visitors center. For dinner the group enjoyed homemade lasagna prepared on the camp stove with a salad and brownies. In the evening the park ranger gave a presentation about the significance of Shenandoah National Park. The girls who stayed in the cabin had the pleasure of listening to owls each morning and evening.

Wednesday 7/19
The hiking group drove two hours to Manassas Battlefield site of 2 of the Civil War battles the first occurred on July 1, 1861; the second battle was August 28-30 1862. Upon departure of the SNP the third, fourth and fifth cars saw a bear cross the road in front of them. While at the Manassas Battlefield we viewed a 45 minute documentary about the civil war. Afterwards we were led on a walking tour by the park historian to key sites of Battle Manassas also referred to as Bull Run. This site was key for both sides since its location was half way between Union Capital (Washington D.C.) and Confederate Capital (Richmond, Virginia.) We then had our lunches at the picnic area before doing a driving tour of the second Battle of Manassas. On this tour we viewed Brawner Farm, where Stonewall Jackson concealed his troops. It also served as a Union hospital during both battles. We viewed a Confederate cemetery where 500 soldiers were buried in 1869, only 2 of which have marked graves with headstones. The foundation of the farm of Benjamin Chinn was viewed along the way; his farm was overtaken by Union troops. An African American man doing artwork next to the foundation stated that he is a direct descendant of the Confederate General Richard Ewell, who fought at both battles of Manassas. Another site seen was a stone bridge, a major mode of transportation destroyed by the Confederates in order to block the Union army. Later it was restored to its original structure. The weather at the battlefield was sunny and hot 100 degrees with very little shade. We were grateful for the air conditioning as we were driving to the different sites. It was the hottest day of the week, the rest of the week was in the 80's and was shady as we hiked in the woods. Finally we returned to the campsite to a delicious meal of pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon and strawberry shortcake.

Thursday 7/20
We hiked Stoney Man Trail; this hike is fairly easy with only 340 foot elevation. The circuit is 1.6 miles connecting to parts of the Appalachian trail leading to a rocky outcropping with a spectacular overlook of Shenandoah Valley, the town of Luray, the Massanutten and Allegheny Mountains. At 4,010 feet this is the second highest point of the park. Short hikers Sandy Cline, Debbie Wolgast, LaeUna DeWitt and Vicki Kohl then returned to the campsite for lunch. Long hikers Cheryl Bivens, Randy Bivens, Tom Cline, Darlene Boyles, Lonnie Holland, Debbie Viren, Jane Cassidy & Ron Michels continued onto Upper Hawks Bill Trail. It is a 2.1 mile moderate hike with a 540 foot elevation with a gorgeous view being the highest in the park at 4,050 feet. While at the overlook we ate our sack lunch. At this overlook Jane Cassidy was standing on an uneven rocky surface and tried to turn her feet and fell down on her knees, which caused swelling on the right knee and swelling on the left shin. An elastic knee brace was placed and Jane was able to walk down the trail. She returned with the group to campsite and iced and elevated her legs. No more long hikes for Jane the rest of the trip. This was not the first fall for Jane she had fallen on Tuesday at the Rose River Falls Trail as well, with no injuries at that time fortunately. She also had fallen backwards in her camp chair on Wednesday at the campsite. So Jane earned the title of calamity Jane.
Several deer and bears were found in SNP, there were 2 or 3 deer with fawns wandering around our campsite daily. There was a book listing the date, time and place of bear sitings placed at the lodge, camp store and the visitor center. In spite of all the sitings of bear, Cheryl had not seen a bear, so Cheryl and Darlene Boyles hiked part of the Appalachian Trail for 2 miles starting at the Milam Gap. This was an attempt to see bear which we did not find although other hikers had seen one earlier on the same trail. On this AT trail we met some thru hikers from Georgia and Maryland. The hiker from Georgia stated he had seen 2 black bears in the same day at the same time 1 was in front of him on the trail and the other was to his right 6' away. The bear in front of him had it's back to him and walked away the bear to the right was close and stopped and looked at the hiker he tapped the bear with his hiking stick to get the bear to leave and it turned around and left. We returned to campsite to a delicious chicken and pasta dish with garlic bread and lettuce salad and chocolate pudding and cookies. Then the group sat around the campfire and some of the group also went to the lodge to enjoy the nightly musical entertainment at the lodge. That night Deb Viren, Vicki Kohl and Jane Cassidy saw a mother bear and 3 cubs in the parking lot before entering the lodge (this is the same group that saw the bear cross the road while driving). Deb Viren and Vicki Kohl were actually the girls who did not want to see bear (at least not while hiking). In fact they were doing everything in their power not to see a bear. These girls were even carrying cowbells which are very noisy. The bells were so loud that the girls were annoyed by their own noise makers. So naturally they became known as the cowbell girls.

Friday 7/21
The group hiked the Lewis Falls Trail which follows the Appalachian trail part of the way, along the way we stopped to enjoy the view at the overlook. Randy Bivens led the Short hikers LaUna DeWitt, Debbie Wolgast, and Vicki Kohl and hiked the AT with the group and turned at the intersection and followed the Story of the Forest trail back to campsite, after a detour to the camp store for soft serve ice cream. Long hikers Cheryl Bivens, Tom Cline, Debbie Viren, Ron Michels, Lonnie Holland & Darlene Boyles continued on to Lewis Falls. It is a moderate hike, which is 3.3 miles total. This hike declines toward an 81' waterfall. It is a rocky and steep 990' elevation on the return hike. This last hike for the week was the most challenging. Great job long hikers!! We returned to campsite to enjoy our sack lunch. In the afternoon 4 hikers Randy & Cheryl Bivens & LaUna DeWitt & Debbie Wolgast went to Luray caverns while the others enjoyed free time.
We returned to campsite for another delicious meal, which happened to be a buffet of all the leftovers. After the meal and clean-up we took down the canopy and camping gear and the group went to the lodge to watch the sunset and enjoy the musical entertainment.
Saturday 7/22 The hikers took down the tents and gave their farewell hugs and headed their separate ways. It was a great trip with great weather and good times.

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