Black Hawk Hiking Club      

Black Hawk Hiking Club conducts hikes weekly or bi-weekly at a variety of sites, both public and privately owned, in and around the Quad Cities area. Hikes are scheduled from November to early June with only one event, the Annual Big Hike, held during the summer months. The Club takes pride in the fact that in its years of existence, no scheduled event has ever been cancelled. The Club's objective is "the promotion of outdoor recreation in the form of hikes and outings, camping and canoeing, while encouraging the love of nature."

The first Big Hike was held in 1920, destination Starved Rock and Indiana Sand dunes, mode of transportation one Pierce Arrow truck and one passenger car. The 31 participants rode in the back of the open truck, total cost per person $12. Since that time the Big Hike has been somewhat more sophisticated, but just as much fun.

The Club is an incorporated, non-profit organization with no paid staff and few physical assets. Membership is open to anyone after their third hike with us and upon payment of dues, $10 per individual and $20 per family of 3 or more. Hikes and special events are planned by elected officers and directors, with only one annual business meeting for the entire membership. Members receive an annual Bulletin which lists the location of each hike and special event. Guests are welcome to attend.

If after perusing our website, you find our activities interesting but have questions, contact us by e-mail or simply join us at one of our listed hikes.

E-mail: Black Hawk Hiking Club